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MIDDEN : SUMMARY - NEW! Cassette Tape

MIDDEN : SUMMARY - NEW! Cassette Tape

Midden (Evan Hardy) is a Vancouver based musician, artist and archaeologist, who uses modular synth, field recordings, and other instruments to create compositions inspired and shaped by the weighted complexities associated with working with the distant past – while living in the present. These compositions mirror the stratigraphic structure of middens. Midden has played at a number of festivals including Glasgow International (Glasgow, UK), Sled Island (Calgary, AB), Case-Tétte (Prince George, BC), Hexistential (Vancouver, BC), Neuztec (Victoria, BC) and Big Joy (Vancouver, BC).
A collection of tracks from Vancouver B.C.'s MIDDEN which traverse the ambient landscape beautifully and with prowess. Lush soundscapes beckon you into the mists of the outer realms of thought. Brilliant work from a brilliant mind.
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